T-Zone VT-8, Portable machine

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Vibration therapy technology has been clinically researched world wide

132 clinical studies

Some of the Vibration Therapy Health Benefits…

Assist in weight loss

Increase muscle strength

Tones and firms muscles

Improves flexibility

Decreases cellulite visibility

Improves mobility

Improves coordination

Massages muscles

Improves circulation

Low impact and kind to the joints

Increased energy

Helps with general well-being

Whole Body Vibration is, true to the name, a workout for your whole body. This is why we say 10 minutes of vibration is equal to a one hour workout. How can this be true? Simple! When you do a workout, you are exercising one muscle group at a time. When you do arm curls, you are not doing leg extensions or sit-ups for your abs. But when you are on a Whole Body Vibration Machine, your whole body is engaged in rebalancing, meaning all of your muscles are being worked the entire time you are on the machine. Plus your body is also working under a much greater g-force stress, which accelerates results. * Whole Body Vibration an average of 97% of all muscle groups and produces up to 30 involuntary reflexes per second, all of which results in the burning of fat and building of muscles. It is also designed to create reactions. Simply put, Whole Body Vibration is about three things – creating movement, reactions, and gravity. There is no stress on the joints, ligaments or tendons compared to other resistance training.

Movement performed on a Whole Body Vibration oscillating platform have been shown to be four times more effective than equivalent exercises performed on a stationary surface. When standing on the platform of a Whole Body Vibration machine, the body experiences vertical oscillating vibration – a side-alternating rocking movement. The energy from the oscillating vibrations is safe transferred without impact, deeply stimulating the cells of the body’s muscle, bone and soft tissue. Because the amplitude and intensity of the vibration can be controlled, Whole Body Vibration is intended for users of all types and all fitness levels. Just about everyone can and should use Whole Body Vibration. Since it is a low impact way to gain strength and flexibility, it is often used for rehabilitation of injuries. In particular, athletes, overweight people (who experience difficulty exercising over extended periods of time), office workers with inadequate levels of physical activity, people who cannot find the time to exercise and patients requiring rehabilitative therapy can to benefit the most.

Whole Body Vibration has shown, through extensive worldwide research, to have far reaching health benefits. With WBV, you may expect similar strength gains to conventional resistance/gym training in a fraction of the time. Studies have proven these rapid strength gains. Worldwide research highlights the physiological and neuromuscular benefits unique to Whole Body Vibration (WBV). These studies show astounding results for improved fitness and health in a fraction of the time, compared to conventional exercise. The technology is being accepted by major medical, rehabilitation and therapeutic centres in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. Professional sport teams have adopted WBV to develop explosive strength and for rehabilitation. Health Spas are offering clients personalised sessions for massage and relaxation and Personal Trainers are using it exclusively for the ultimate whole body strength and toning workout.


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How do the different machine models compare?


Ideal machine for those on the move. Small, compact and light weight, yet powerful enough to help you reach your fitness goals. Quit in full operation, removable arms, remote control or base functions, 50 speeds, it also comes with 5 built-in programs.


Powerful in its construction, rubberized grips, quiet in full operation and cutting-edge in its technological achievements, the VT-15 cradles you in an effective workout, punctuated by sophistication and style. Seventy unique speed adjustments ensure sessions that are comfortable for you while providing well-segmented intensity to lightly increase your workout. The result? A faster path to achieving your goals.


The T-ZONE VT-20 is a step up in power and effectiveness, purring from its strong and smooth motor. A masterpiece of engineering, the VT-20 features a pulse reader, calorie counter, step counter and our signature handlebar design. Not to be outdone in innovation or performance, the VT-20 automatically adjusts for varying weight loads and offers 99 unique speed adjustments and 8 pre-set programs. For those who will settle for nothing but the best, we present to you the T-ZONE VT-20.