5 Successful Weight Loss Strategies

If hormone imbalances are ruled out, take a closer look at your present lifestyle.

1. Commitment – Make sure you are ready to make a permanent change and that you do it for the right reasons

2. Motivation – Make a list of what is important to you because this will help you to stay motivated and focused. Stress releases cortisol, a stress hormone, that has been linked to excessive weight gain so take time out of each day to relax.

3. Set realistic goals – This is a life style change so think longterm!

4. Dietary intake – You must enjoy the foods you eat! Decreasing calories doesn’t mean giving up taste! Do you have excessive dietary intake or consuming high amounts of processed, high fat and high sugar foods? Pay close attention to why you are eating, because unconsciously it could be an emotional trigger to eat? Feeling hungry could also mean dehydration, so try to sooth those hunger sensation with a glass of water.

5. Get active and stay active! 3500 calories equal 1 lb of fat (0.5 Kilogram) so if you cut 500 calories from your typical diet each day, you’d lose about 1 lb a week. Exercise plus calories restriction can help give you the weight- loss edge.

If you are getting the same results over and over again, doing the same old, same old, you can’t expect different results.

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