29 of the Best Weight Loss Tips

1. Do not skip breakfast or any meal, eat regularly.

2. Nibble, don’t gobble down your food.

3. During workout, rest no more than 30 seconds between exercises.

4. Avoid late night snacking.

5. Before you eat, ask yourself, am I hungry?

6. Get lots of sleep.

7. Make your own lunch, avoid eating out.

8. Train your brain to have will power!

9. Eat your vegetables first and eat lots of them!

10. Every three hours nibble on a low-calorie snack.

11. Expect some discomfort.

12. Say “no” to soda – Your body will less likely burn stored fat.

13. Stay full with healthy choices of protein (not lots, just quality food choices).

14. Eat no carbs after lunch.

15. Take a 15-minute walk after each meal.

16. Drink lots of water or flush the fat.

17. Stay focused on your weight-loss goals by keeping a journal.

18. Get creative with your meals, try new recipes.

19. Sit less.

20. Know your trigger foods so don’t buy them!

21. Skip the elevator and use the stairs.

22. Pick the farthest spot in the parking lot.

23. Have low-calorie soup before your meals.

24. Use fish and skinless chicken as a primary source of meat.

25. Eliminate high-fat dairy products, such as cheese, in your diet.

26. Eat until you are not hungry, not until you are stuffed.

27. Make sure you are having regular bowel movements – Eat fiber-rich foods.

28. Limit or cut out alcohol completely.

29. Make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle -You are worth it!

Stay Focused on Your Goals Make Weight Loss Fun! Get Creative! And Keep Positive!

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